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Reach Hundreds of Patients Online via Paid Advertisements

How Paid Advertising works?

Paid advertising provides companies with the ability to buy digital Ad space on relevant content websites so that advertisers can reach out to their customers. Ad spaces are available across multiple digital channels. These include search engines, social media sites, articles, Smart Phone App and even streaming devices allow digital ads. Ad space pricing is determined through an online bidding process that involves marketers and the digital space owner. These digital ads are very flexible in terms of customizing the content of the ad and they appear on the web instantly.

Why Paid Ads?

Paid Advertising is the quickest and most effective medium to attract new customers as well as to retain your existing customer base. It helps to bring customers to your website front door. Since they are targeted customers, there is a huge probability that they will become your permanent client base. Paid Advertising helps you achieve the short-term strategy of bringing customers to your website while in the meanwhile as your website organically attains higher keyword ranking, it will eventually become the reliable source of attracting customers.
It is a cost-effective mechanism for boosting website visits. Below are a few of the techniques used to maximize the return on Ad budget.

Targeting Correct Audience

In order to reap the maximum return on the Ad budget, it’s important to identify the correct digital media channel. Also, analyzing and targeting the correct set of keywords that best represent customers search queries for the related products and narrowing down the demographics of your customers holds paramount importance. This helps you find and attract the potential customer for your website.

Quick turnaround on Results

Paid Advertising provides up-to-minute statistics around the performance of Ad campaigns. It is important to start your Paid Advertisement with a wide range of targeted keywords and gauge results of the ads to determine if you are targeting the correct audience. Paid Advertisement campaigns can be tweaked and adjusted in minutes to maximize the ROI on your ad budget.



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Customers searching for products and services on search engines with your targeted keywords will get a text-based ad and upon clicking the Ad they will be redirected to your website. This kind of Advertisement is driven by clicks i.e. you will be paying per click.


This Advertisement uses third party publisher websites where digital Ads are displayed on behalf of the Advertiser. Banner Ads engage customers with attractive product images and can be most effective when it comes to brand awareness.


Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram provide a great medium for displaying digital ads to your target customers. These platforms offer tools to make tailor-made messages based on customer interests.