Beat your competitors by the punch with incredible business review, predicting negative reviews based on customer sentiments and automating your online reputation management today. Healthcare providers with higher online reviews get around 400% more business than the one with less reviews. Are you looking for more authentic human reviews?

All-in-one Dashboard

We know that managing reviews is a pain, our simple and powerful dashboard manages all your business reviews in one place. This saves you and your team time and helps you manage your digital footprint, all at one place.

Knock Out Negative Reviews

We direct unhappy customers to the feedback page to solve their problems and turn their negative reviews into positive ones. There is no power greater than earning back a lost customer and improving your business reputation.

Automated Review Management

We integrate our online reputation management system with your existing platform to seamlessly infuse the review system. This encourages the customer to provide a review right after the service.

400% Increase in Revenue

The difference between a flourishing healthcare provider and a struggling one is word-of-mouth. We help you get more reviews,
more reviews get your practice more paying visitors.

Reputation Management


is one of the most impactful factors in your business’s success and future growth. 68% of people form an opinion about your business after reading two reviews. A negative review in a sensitive business niche like healthcare can hurt your business beyond repair. Today, businesses might still be run physically but are managed digitally, with customers becoming more aware and educated, online reputation managed in the face of business reviews has become the most important determinant of business success. VKnowCusomters offers the best online reputation management in Lemont, Willowbrook & Schaumburg for healthcare providers.

Healthcare IT needs are increasing with time, with the recent outbreak, our new normals have changed as more people prefer staying home and are finding alternatives to physically visiting places. This has increased the need for the healthcare providers to scale their IT infrastructure to integrate and support televisits and increase current bandwidth. VKnowCustomers is working with healthcare providers in Lemont, Willowbrook & Schaumburg, Illinois to scale their IT infrastructure, increase network bandwidth and improve cybersecurity as precautionary measures. VKnowCustomers is focusing on providing the best managed IT services to healthcare providers in Lemont, Willowbrook & Schaumburg.

Reputation Management


can become a difference between a highly successful business and a compromised business. 84% of people trust online reviews by other customers and form an opinion before even trying the service. We don’t just provide online reputation management services, but, we partner with you to understand your customer journey, customer pain points and then integrate our best-in-class reputation management software with your existing platforms to create a seamless review writing experience for your customers. Our unique approach to not only help you get good reviews but also turn the negative ones into positive reviews makes us the best online reputation management service providers in Lemont, Willowbrook & Schaumburg, Illinois.
Reputation Management


the strategist always kills the tactician

VKnowCustomers doesn’t just focus on one thing and leaves the rest to chance. Our team of strategists assess the terrain ahead and make a strategy to manage your online reputation to make your business stand out. We are the best online reputation management service provider in Lemont, Willowbrook & Schaumburg, Illinois and we live up to that reputation by helping you stay 10 steps ahead of the competition, always.


With our mindset on strategy, we don’t just rush to get you more reviews. We make sure the whole system is structured to manage your online reputation to the best of standards. VKnowCustomers follow the strategy-first approach as every business’s needs are different and they deserve different execution as well. Every business we do follows the same 3-step structure so we give you the best possible reputation management that your competitors will envy.


Firstly we assess your current online reputation, reviews and communication channels. This is done to analyze if there are any pressing issues and negative reviews or damaging publicity that needs to be taken care of.


We then talk with you to understand your business model, your business objectives and needs. This is done so we can draft an incredible online reputation management strategy for your business.


We then execute your killer custom-strategy and integrate our online reputation management platform with your existing platform and social sites to manage your reviews and get you incredible online reviews seamlessly. Our team and systems get to work so you can focus on operations and do what you do best.

Help us make you look good online!


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80-of-customers-conduct research-about-business reputation-before-making-a buying-decision


90-of-customers-will-be extremely-reluctant-to-make-a buying-decision-if-the businesses-online-reputation-is negative


97-of-customers-look-up-a businesses-online-reputation before-making-a-decision-to purchase-a-product


VKnowCustomers is the best Managed IT Service Providers in Lemont, Willowbrook & Schaumburg, Illinois. We make it super easy for you to get on board. To get a free trial for a month, click below

VKnowCustomer is an advanced, most-efficient online reputation management solution that can make your business stand out among the rest and spread a positive word of mouth. With our expert reputation management services, you will be able to monitor every review that’s posted for your brand and protect the image of your business. This robust healthcare management system is developed to allow companies to focus on expanding their business as everything, from blocking negative reviews to highlighting positive ones, will be taken care of by the experienced and professionally-trained team. 

Studies show that the majority internet users make their decision when it comes to selecting any company on the basis of online reviews. This is why healthcare practitioners , primary care clinics, dental clinics, and other specialized medical clinics have started to pay attention to review management more than ever. Not paying attention to this aspect of your business can lead to negative word of mouth and, ultimately, reduced revenue. Contact us now for a no obligation discovery session and allow us to provide you our insights and solutions which will make you a strong and dependable provider for your existing and future patients. 

Emilia Clarke
"I really enjoyed working with the Vknowcustomers team on our Primary care practice patient growth strategy. We serve mostly millennials in our office and our online reputation is key to gaining new patients. Using VknowCustomers reputation management solution, we were able to generate over 50 patient reviews per month (average) while earning a 5-star rating. My experience with VknowCustomers team turned out to be way better than I had expected. Now, my clinic enjoys great reputation online, and I don’t have to worry about negative reviews because I know VKC team has got my back. "
Emilia Clarke
"Our practice was challenged for patient growth for some time and our competing practices were getting more visible on Google and Facebook. Vknowcustomers team streamlined and automated review generation from our patients on Google and Facebook. VKnowCustomers dedicated managed response team not only responded to the patients but also reported any disconnected processes which impacted our patient experience negatively. We have seen our review increase by 300 % YOY and an increase in new patients due to the positive online image of our medical practice. The entire team has been great to work with from start to finish!"
Emilia Clarke
"VKnowCustomers truly helped to save my business. With so many negative reviews cropping out of nowhere, I was in great need of help. Hiring reputation management/review management services from VKnowCustomers turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made for my business. VknowCustomers team really cooperated with me and understood my concerns. I don’t have to worry about online reviews of my business anymore since the time I have gotten their reputation management solution."